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Quick Details

2 Hour Rental Includes 2 riders
Jet Ski Monday - Wednesday
Jet Ski Thursday - Sunday
Full Day Rental (8 hours) Includes 2 riders
Jet Ski


Madison Jet Ski rentals is our pride and Joy. Our history goes back 10 years, of delivering Jet ski Rental fun for everyone. Yup, for over a decade we have provide adrenaline pumping Jet ski rentals to the Madison area and all of southern Wisconsin. As Madison’s #1 rated we have proven and provided the best boat rentals there is, to anyone wanting to enjoy Lake Mendota & Lake Monona. Book your jet ski rental, and hop on one of our new- well maintained Yamaha Vx110 wave runners to experience the fun and beauty of Wisconsin Lakes.  Jet ski’s on Madison Lakes. See the beauty of Madison how you want, cruising the shoreline, splashing around at speeds up to 55 mph, or coasting through the chain of Lakes.

How long are the Jet Ski Rentals?

  • 2-Hour
  • Full Day

We have been doing jet ski rentals for a very long time. We have rented every brand of machine and offered every length of time there is to customers in search of the perfect rental time. The rental times that we offer allow you to get all of the fun and excitement out of your system without being locked in for long that you want. 1 Hour jet ski rentals go by very quickly also. Madison Jet Ski Rentals are offered in 2-hour Jet Ski rental and Full Day Jet ski Rentals. Trust us, it’s the perfect amount.

madison jet ski rental. jet ski's on a trailer

Jet ski Rentals worth the Trip

Each year we have tons of customers looking for jet ski rentals from Milwaukee, Waukesha, Iowa, Minnesota and near Chicago. Madison Jet Ski Rentals is a fantastic way to get out of the city, take a small road a and have some of the best summer fun ever! If your looking jet ski rentals near these areas consider a trip to Wisconsin for a Madison Jet ski Rental in the summer.

  • Milwaukee, WI – 1 hour
  • Chicago – 2.5 hours
  • Dubuque, IA  – 1.5

madison jet ski rental 4, couple on a green and black jet ski

Who can rent a Jet ski?

Well allows anyone 18 years and old to make a reservation for a jet ski or Pontoon boat rental. You will need to take a WI stated required boater safety certification exam, but this is not difficult and can be done in less than 1-hour!


madison jet ski rental

On the day of your reservation, You will receive a phone call from one of our staff with details about your rental. Jet ski(s) will be delivered by one of our highly trained staff to a Lake Mendota. You will then be given a thorough demonstration of how to safely operate the PWC, explain Rules & Regulations of the Lake and shown how to remove seaweed. We provide all the life jackets, and gladly answer all questions!

  • Life jackets included
  • NO need to tow or transport
  • Price is for 2 Adults + 1 child
  • Travel between 3 Lakes (Monona, Mendota, Waubesa)
  • Fuel is INCLUDED